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July, August, September Holidays & Print-On-Demand Ideas

June 24, 2022

Holidays in July, August, and September

We wanted to share some fun holidays that are happening in July, August, and September. Use these calendars as design inspiration or marketing ideas.


A calendar of July holidays

All Month: World Watercolor Month

Watercolor is one of the oldest forms of art and still remains a popular medium today. World Watercolor Month is used as a way to celebrate the art form and raise funds for arts education. 

Product Idea: Face masks and neck gaiters

Target Audience: Art lovers

All Month: National Grilling Month

You can’t have a proper summer without some BBQs! This holiday is all about celebrating the art of grilling food. When done properly, you have a delicious meal, if you mess up, you get charcoal. 

Product Idea: Tablecloth

Target Audience: Grilled food lovers 

July 1: International Reggae Day

Reggae is a popular genre of music with ties to calypso, African, and Latin American music. The holiday was created by Andrea Davis in 1991. In 1994, it was celebrated for the first time. 

Product Idea: Apparel and posters

Target Audience: Reggae music lovers

July 1: Canada Day

This holiday is to celebrate all things Canada! It’s on the anniversary of the Constitution Act, written in 1867, which created the nation of Canada. 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: Canadians 

July 2: World UFO Day

Aliens are an essential part of pop culture. Whether it’s movies or TV shows or blurry pictures and videos, the idea of life outside our planet grabs our attention. 

Product Idea: Apparel, puzzles, phone cases

Target Audience: Alien believers

July 3: International Plastic Bag Free Day

Plastic bags are a huge source of waste, they take a long time to disintegrate and can cause harm to animals. This holiday is to bring awareness to this issue and to encourage people to stop using plastic bags.  

Product Idea: Tote bags

Target Audience: Environmentally conscious people

July 4: Independence Day

This holiday celebrates the day that America became a country and the Declaration of Independence was signed. Check out our Independence Day selling guide for more info. 

Product Idea: Apparel and lawn signs

Target Audience: Americans

July 6: National Fried Chicken Day

There’s nothing like a plate of fried chicken after a tough day. Here’s a holiday that gives you a reason to either make some yourself or order out! 

Product Idea: Napkins

Target Audience: Fried chicken lovers

July 7: World Chocolate Day

Almost everyone loves chocolate! It can be eaten, drank, drizzled onto another food, or coat another food like nuts. Let this holiday give you a reason to grab a piece of chocolate! 

Product Idea: Apparel 

Target Audience: Chocolate lovers

July 7: Doll Day

Dolls can be a source of comfort or fear depending on your relationship with them. Dolls have been around for thousands of years and this is a holiday to appreciate what a large part of our lives dolls are. 

Product Idea: Stickers

Target Audience: Doll lovers

July 8: Be a Kid Again Day

Sometimes being an adult is awful and we want to go back to being a kid again. This holiday not only encourages that thought but demands it! It’s time to let go of responsibility and have a day of fun. 

Product Idea: Journals and home decor

Target Audience: Everyone

July 8: National Video Game Day

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It’s become so big that movies get their own video games and video games get turned into movies. You can be a professional gamer or become a video game journalist. 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: Gamers

July 9: Collector Car Appreciation Day

This holiday is to celebrate the hobby of collecting and restoring cars. Older cars are part of American history and keep the industry alive. 

Product Idea: Apparel and wall art

Target Audience: Car lovers

July 9: Fashion Day

Fashion Day is all about showing off your personal style and not letting high fashion control what’s fashionable. 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: Fashion lovers

July 10: National Kitten Day

Kittens are so cute and soft, it’s hard not to love them! This holiday celebrates these adorable little fuzzballs. 

Product Idea: Wall art, blankets, mugs 

Target Audience: Cat lovers

July 14: Bastille Day

This holiday celebrates the toppling of the French monarchy. Revolutionaries went into Paris’ Bastille and took it down, hence the name. 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: French people

July 15: National I Love Horses Day

Horses are a very popular animal around the world and it’s not hard to figure out why. They’re majestic, graceful, and beautiful. This is a day to show your love for all things horses. 

Product Idea: Wall art & stickers

Target Audience: Horse lovers

July 16: Guinea Pig Appreciation Day

Guinea pigs are so tiny and cute. These social creatures are great for those who can have larger pets like cats or dogs. Take the day to cuddle some cute guinea pigs. 

Product Idea: Wall art and apparel

Target Audience: Guinea Pig lovers

July 16: World Snake Day

Snakes may not be the most popular animal, but they do a lot of good for the environment. This holiday is meant to bring awareness to different snake species around the world. 

Product Idea: Blankets

Target Audience: Reptile lovers

July 17: World Emoji Day

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about an emoji? Emojis are a common form of communication, sometimes even replacing words and phrases. 

Product Idea: Pillows, stickers 

Target Audience: Anyone who texts

July 17: National Tattoo Day

Tattoos are a popular form of art and self-expression. Take some time to learn about tattoos through their history, social impacts, and process of getting one. 

Product Idea: Wall art and tapestry

Target Audience: Tattoo artists and lovers

July 20: International Chess Day

Chess is a popular game that’s all about strategy and practice. This holiday was created by the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) to celebrate this challenging game. 

Product Idea: Apparel and stickers

Target Audience: Chess players

July 20: National Moon Day

This holiday celebrates the American lunar landing that happened on July 20, 1969. It’s not only a large event in American history but all over the world. It proved that humans can go to space! 

Product Idea: Wall art, lawn signs

Target Audience: Space lovers

July 21: National Junk Food Day

Junk food is great. It doesn’t matter that it’s bad for you, it tastes delicious. Use this holiday as an excuse to eat your favorite junk food. 

Product Idea: Dinnerware

Target Audience: Junk food eaters

July 23: National Day of the Cowboy

The fourth Sunday of every July is National Day of the Cowboy. This is a day to celebrate cowboy and western media to keep the tradition alive. 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: Western media lovers

July 24: National Cousins Day

Cousins can be our first friend or enemy (outside of siblings) and this holiday is a chance to celebrate them. Make sure to reach out to your favorite cousin on this day. 

Product Idea: Mugs, carded jewelry

Target Audience: Families

July 25: National Wine and Cheese Day

A classic and delicious pairing is wine and cheese. This holiday is a chance to throw a get-together with fellow wine and cheese lovers. 

Product Idea: Wine glasses, tote bags

Target Audience: Wine and cheese lovers

July 26: National Aunt and Uncle Day

Aunts and uncles are probably the first adults we think are cool as we grow up. They’re often the ones we go to when we have a problem we don’t want our parents to know about. Take this holiday as a chance to thank them for being in our lives. 

Product Idea: Drinkware, pillows

Target Audience: Families

July 27: National Scotch Day

This is a holiday for scotch drinkers. Did you know that to be considered a scotch, the alcohol has to be made in Scotland?

Product Idea: Apparel and drinkware

Target Audience: Scotch lovers

July 28: National Milk Chocolate Day

Milk chocolate is one of the most popular desserts out there. Use this holiday as an excuse to grab a bar of chocolate and eat it without a care. 

Product Idea: Wall art

Target Audience: Chocolate lovers

July 29: National Lipstick Day

Lipstick has been around for thousands of years in one form or another. Many enjoy the process of putting on makeup or they feel like makeup is a type of armor. 

Product Idea: Towels and accessory bag

Target Audience: Makeup lovers

July 30: International Day of Friendship

This holiday was created by the United Nations General Assembly (U.N.) as a way to promote peace, happiness, and unity. Show your friends you care on this day. 

Product Idea: Jewelry, apparel, and drinkware

Target Audience: Friends

July 30: National Mutt Day

Mutts are adorable and are always in need of a loving home. This holiday is to encourage people to adopt dogs of mixed breeds instead of only focusing on purebreds. 

Product Idea: Pet bed

Target Audience: Dog lovers


Calendar of August holidays

August 1: National Girlfriend Day

This holiday isn’t meant for romantic girlfriends, but instead for best female friends to celebrate with one another. 

Product Idea: Pillow shams, tumblers, jewelry

Target Audience: Female friends

August 3: National Watermelon Day

Watermelon is the perfect summer fruit! Grab a few slices of watermelon with friends to celebrate this holiday

Product Idea: Napkins

Target Audience: Watermelon lovers

August 4: National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

Is there anything better than biting into a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie? We don’t think so. Use this holiday as an excuse to either bake or buy some cookies to eat with friends or by yourself. 

 Product Idea: Table runner

Target Audience: Cookie lovers

August 4: National White Wine Day

White wines are great for drinking with a meal. It’s known for being more refreshful than its counterpart, red wine. Use this holiday as an occasion to raise a glass! 

Product Idea: Wine glass

Target Audience: Wine lovers

August 5: International Beer Day

Did you know that beer is one of the oldest beverages in the world? International Beer Day is a day to not only celebrate the drink but the people who make them too. Cheers! 

Product Idea: Apparel

Target Audience: Beer lovers

August 7: National Sister Day

Love them or hate them, sisters are your blood. Sisters help each other get through tough times growing up or make everything worse depending on the sister. 

Product Idea: Jewelry, blankets 

Target Audience: Sisters

August 7: National Lighthouse Day

Lighthouses have helped boats come safely home for centuries. While boats now have their own lights, these beacons of history still stand proud. 

Product Idea: Wall art

Target Audience: Ocean lovers/ boat owners

August 7: National Friendship Day

A life without friendships would be a lonely one. That’s why you should use this holiday as a chance to show your closest friends that you love and appreciate them. 

Product Idea: Mugs, jewelry, apparel, puzzles

Target Audience: Friends

August 9: National Women’s Day

This is a South African holiday that celebrates everything women have done and will do in the future. It also focuses on issues South African women face daily. 

Product Idea: Wall art

Target Audience: Women

August 9: National Book Lovers Day

Books are a great way to escape from the world for a couple of hours. Books offer a variety of ideas, journeys, and characters to follow and fall in love with. This holiday is to celebrate all things books! 

Product Idea: Home decor, journals, mugs 

Target Audience: Booklovers

August 10: National Spoil Your Dog Day

Do we really need a holiday to encourage us to spoil our dogs? We love to spoil our pets! If it’s been a while since you got something new for your dog, make sure to buy them a present! 

Product Idea: Pet bed, wall art

Target Audience: Dog lovers

August 10: National Lazy Day

Imagine a day where you don’t have to do anything. No chores, no work, no responsibilities. How great would that be? This holiday encourages everyone to slow down and spend the day doing nothing. 

Product Idea: Blankets, pillows

Target Audience: Everyone

August 11: National Son and Daughter Day

It’s nice to celebrate kids with their own holiday, though kids think every day should be a holiday for them. Either way, it’s a great way to spend time as a family and spoil your little ones a little bit. 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel (matching t-shirts), puzzles 

Target Audience: Parents

August 11: Mountain Day

This holiday originated in Japan but can be celebrated all over the world. It’s a day to enjoy nature, more specifically the majesty of mountains. Use the day to take a hike and enjoy the mountain air.

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel

Target Audience: Nature lovers

August 12: National Vinyl Record Day

Records almost disappeared from the world, luckily a growing population of vintage lovers reenergized the records industry. This holiday celebrates vinyl records and those who love them. 

Product Idea: Stickers, wall art

Target Audience: Vinyl record lovers

August 13: International Lefthanders Day

Lefthanders unite! This holiday celebrates people whose dominant hand is their left hand, instead of their right hand which is the majority of the population’s dominant hand. 

Product Idea: Apparel, journals

Target Audience: Lefthanders

August 15: National Relaxation Day

Let’s be honest, life is stressful. That’s why we need holidays like National Relaxation Day to remind us that it’s important to take a break every once in a while. 

Product Idea: Sweatpants, leggings, sweatshirt

Target Audience: Everyone

August 16: National Tell a Joke Day

If you have some bad jokes to share, this holiday is for you! Tell bad pun jokes, cheesy jokes, or dad jokes to make everyone around you laugh.

Product Idea: Mug, phone case

Target Audience: Everyone

August 17: National Black Cat Appreciation Day

Black cats are beautiful and full of love. This holiday is to offset all the bad rumors about them that can cause them to be unadaptable.

Product Idea: Home decor

Target Audience: Black cat lovers

August 18: National Bad Poetry Day

Poetry is full of the human experience and can be intimidating to try to write. Well, on National Bad Poetry Day, you don’t have to worry about whether your poetry is good or not. In fact, if it’s bad, that’s even better! 

Product Idea: Journals

Target Audience: Poets and writers

August 19: World Photo Day

This holiday is on the 19th because that’s the day that the French government bought the patent for the daguerreotype process, a type of photography that uses a copper plate and a thin coat of silver. If you love photography, you have to celebrate! 

Product Idea: Photo tiles

Target Audience: Photographers

August 20: National Radio Day

The radio is one of the greatest inventions in history. While it might be outdated now, it was revolutionary and allowed so many inventions to follow in its footsteps. Celebrate all the good the radio has done on this holiday.

Product Idea: Wall art

Target Audience: Radio lovers

August 20: World Honey Bee Day

Bees are highly underappreciated and this holiday wants to change that. It wants to raise awareness of all the good bees do and why we need to help them maintain their population numbers. 

Product Idea: Phone case, tote bag, stickers

Target Audience: Environmental lovers

August 22: National Bao Day

Bao is a dumpling with Chinese origins. You can fill them with pork, veggies, sweet custard, chocolate, sausages, and more. The holiday encourages people to either eat them or try them for the first time while learning more about this meal. 

Product Idea: Tablecloth or table runner

Target Audience: Bao lovers

August 24: National Waffle Day

Waffles are an iconic breakfast choice. People all over the world enjoy them in a variety of ways. Use this holiday as a reason to eat waffles, maybe even eat too much. 

Product Idea: Napkins

Target Audience: Breakfast lovers

August 26: National Dog Day

There are never enough holidays to celebrate man’s best friend. This particular holiday is to celebrate all dog breeds whether they’re purebred or mixed. 

Product Idea: Pet bed, wall art, apparel

Target Audience: Dog lovers

August 28: National Red Wine Day

Honestly, every day is a good day for red wine, but this holiday gives you a good excuse. This day is to celebrate all things red wine, including different brands and different ways of serving them. 

Product Idea: Wine glass, apparel, blankets

Target Audience: Red wine lovers

August 28: National Bow Tie Day

Bow ties are so fun and quirky, it’s hard not to love them! They can show off your personality with fun colors or make you look dapper at a get-together. Make sure to wear a bow tie on this holiday.

Product Idea: Apparel, stickers

Target Audience: Bow tie lovers

August 30: National Toasted Marshmallow Day

Marshmallows are sweet and squishy and taste great when they’re roasted. Roasting marshmallows is a classic camping activity. They’re also great with smores.

Product Idea: Napkins and placemats 

Target Audience: Campers and marshmallow lovers

August 30: National Beach Day

The end of August means the end of summer. Why not spend one of the last days at the beach? This holiday not only gives you a reason to take a day off and spend it at the beach, but it also raises awareness of environmental issues affecting beaches. 

Product Idea: Towels, tumblers

Target Audience: Beachgoers

August 30: Frankenstein Day

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley is a classic and popular novel. Some consider it the first sci-fi novel published. Frankenstein’s Monster has now been connected with Halloween for 200 years. This holiday celebrates the book and how it has affected literature overall. 

Product Idea: Journals, wall art

Target Audience: Literature lovers, Halloween lovers, sci-fi lovers

August 31: World Distance Learning Day

Learning doesn’t always have to take place in classrooms, in fact since the pandemic started, remote learning has risen in popularity. This holiday is to highlight all the good remote learning has done all over the world. 

Product Idea: Journals, pillows, blankets

Target Audience: Online learners 


Calendar of September holidays

September 1: American Chess Day

Chess is a beloved game that requires patience and skills. It’s become a cultural icon, often appearing in movies and TV as a symbol of intelligence or strategy. Play a game of chess during this holiday

Product Idea: Wall art, stickers, phone case

Target Audience: Chess players

September 2: Blueberry Popsicle Day

Popsicles are a great treat when you’re craving something sweet and cool. Blueberry is one of the most popular flavors of popsicles. The flavoring can come from artificial flavors or real blueberries. 

Product Idea: Napkins 

Target Audience: Blueberry lovers, popsicle lovers

September 2: National Lazy Mom’s Day

Moms are not known for being lazy, and this holiday wants to give them a reason to kick back and relax. Moms everywhere should stay in bed or on the couch all day and do nothing. 

Product Idea: Sweatshirt, blankets, pillows 

Target Audience: Families, moms

September 3: World Beard Day

Beards come in all different colors and lengths. They can be wild or meticulously well-kept. This holiday celebrates all beards all over the world! 

Product Idea: Apparel, towels

Target Audience: People with beards

September 3: National Tailgating Day

Tailgating is a huge part of American sports culture. Fans love to gather before games and talk about the sport while grilling food and drinking alcoholic beverages. Sometimes people will even sell merch for both teams that way people can show their pride for their team. 

Product Idea: Drinkware, apparel 

Target Audience: Sports fans

September 5: National Cheese Pizza Day

Is there anything better than pizza? We don’t think so! This holiday is a great excuse to grab a slice! 

Product Idea: Placemats 

Target Audience: Cheese pizza lovers

September 5: Labor Day

This holiday is to celebrate all the hard work and changes labor unions have made to history and how it still affects the workforce today. 

Product Idea: Apparel and lawn signs 

Target Audience: Americans

September 6: National Coffee Ice Cream Day

This flavor of ice cream is the perfect mix of bitter and sweet. This holiday is perfect for coffee and ice cream lovers alike! 

Product Idea: Placemats and blankets

Target Audience: Coffee and ice cream lovers

September 6: National Read a Book Day

Calling all bookworms! This holiday is all about losing yourself in a good book. Escape into a captivating story for a few hours. 

Product Idea: Sweatshirt, journals, blankets 

Target Audience: Booklovers

September 7: National Beer Lovers Day

Grab a pint with your friends on this holiday. It’s time to celebrate all the different types of beer and the people who make it. 

Product Idea: Drinkware 

Target Audience: Beer lovers

September 8: National Iguana Awareness Day

Time to show iguanas some love! This holiday is all about being an iguana parent, people share tips and tricks to make their scaly babies happy. 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel, stickers 

Target Audience: Reptile lovers

September 9: Teddy Bear Day

Teddy bears are a great source of comfort for everyone as a kid. Even now, adults will collect a variety of styles of bears because of the joy they bring. Cuddle a teddy bear during this holiday

Product Idea: Pillows, blankets, stickers 

Target Audience: Stuffed animals lovers

September 9: International Sudoku Day

Sudoku is a game where you fill a 9X9 square with the numbers one through nine. The goal is to not have the same number in any row or column. It takes a lot of patience and effort to complete the puzzle.

Product Idea: Journals, puzzles 

Target Audience: Puzzle lovers

September 11: Patriot Day

This is the anniversary of the terrorist attack that happened in New York in 2001. 3,000 people lost their lives, including many brave first responders who ran into the chaos. This holiday is a day to honor the people who we lost and thank first responders. 

Product Idea: Apparel, lawn sign 

Target Audience: Americans

September 11: Grandparents Day

Grandparents are wonderful. They spoil us, reassure us, and love us unconditionally. Take this day to thank your grandparents and let them know how important they are to you. 

Product Idea: Jewelry, mugs, blankets, pillows 

Target Audience: Families

September 12: National Chocolate Milkshake Day

Chocolate milkshakes are delicious! Sweet and cold, they’re a great treat when you’re craving some dessert. It’s also an iconic American beverage. Use this holiday as a reason to treat yourself to one. 

Product Idea: Travel tumbler 

Target Audience: Chocolate milkshake lovers

September 12: National Police Woman Day

This holiday is to honor female police officers who put their lives on the line for our safety. Around 10% of the police force in the U.S. is female. 

Product Idea: Drinkware, apparel, jewelry 

Target Audience: People with police officers in their life

September 13: Positive Thinking Day

Positive thinking can change how you deal with a tough day, though sometimes positive thinking is hard to do. This holiday is to remind us that we all should take a moment to remind ourselves of all the positive things in our lives. 

Product Idea: Journals, stickers, phone cases, mugs 

Target Audience: Everyone

September 13: Programmers Day

Programmers make our lives so much easier, it’s not easy to understand how computers talk to each other. Thank a programmer in your life on this holiday.

Product Idea: Apparel, mugs 

Target Audience: Programmers

September 14: National Live Creative Day

Creativity is what makes life interesting! It can be easy to forget creativity with everyday responsibilities. This holiday is to encourage everyone to take a break and use their creativity to make something new. 

Product Idea: Everything 

Target Audience: Creative people

September 14: National Coloring Day

Coloring has gained popularity among adults in the last few years. Many find it a relaxing hobby. This holiday is all about grabbing the nearest coloring utensil and losing yourself for hours in coloring. 

Product Idea: Accessory pouch, journals, stickers 

Target Audience: People who like to color

September 15: International Dot Day

This holiday is based on the book The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. It’s about a girl who doesn’t believe she can make art and her teacher tells her to start with a single dot. The next day, her teacher put her drawing on the wall and it filled her with confidence. 

Product Idea: Wall art, journals 

Target Audience: Everyone

September 15 – October 15: Hispanic Heritage Month

This celebration promotes all things from Hispanic culture, including history, famous people, ancestors, and more. 

Product Idea: Tapestries, wall art, apparel 

Target Audience: People of Hispanic ethnicity

September 16: Working Parents Day

Working parents have it rough. They have to balance their professional responsibilities and their parental responsibilities. That’s not even including their personal lives! This holiday is a good reason to reach out to any working parents and see if you can help them with something. 

Product Idea: Apparel, drinkware, blankets, pillows 

Target Audience: Families

September 16: National Stepfamily day

Blended families are complicated. It can be difficult to bring two families together, it often requires a lot of time and patience on everyone’s part. This holiday celebrates everyone in a blended family, from the parents to the kids. 

Product Idea: Apparel, wall art, jewelry

Target Audience: Stepfamilies

September 16: Mexican Independence Day

Mexico declared independence from Spain on this day in 1810. Now, this day is full of parades, food, and fun to show off Mexican pride.

Product Idea: Apparel, lawn sign, dinnerware 

Target Audience: Mexicans

September 17: National Pet Bird

Dogs and cats are often in the spotlight and the humble bird is often forgotten. Not on this holiday! This day is meant to promote safe and fun bird ownership! 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel, home decor 

Target Audience: Bird parents

September 17: National Dance Day

Sometimes you just need to have a dance session to shake the stress away. This holiday is all about moving around to your favorite music. 

Product Idea: Apparel 

Target Audience: Everyone

September 17: International Country Music Day

Country music has a passionate fan base and on this holiday they go all out! There are concerts, festivals, and parties to celebrate all things country music. 

Product Idea: Apparel, wall decor, stickers 

Target Audience: Country music lovers

September 17 – October 2: Oktoberfest

This may be beer lovers’ favorite celebration. Oktoberfest is a festival in Munich, Germany that has parades, food, music, and all the beer you could ever want. 

Product Idea: Apparel and drinkware 

Target Audience: Beer lovers

September 18: Wife Appreciation Day

Marriage is wonderful and tough to maintain. This holiday is a reminder to everyone that a little appreciation goes a long way. Make sure to show your wife that you care about her on this day. 

Product Idea: Jewelry, apparel, wall art

Target Audience: Couples

September 18: National Cheeseburger Day

America and cheeseburgers are best friends, in fact, this is one of the most popular lunch/dinner options in the country. This holiday encourages people to take a big bite out of one. 

Product Idea: Dinnerware 

Target Audience: Cheeseburger lovers

September 18: International Red Panda Day

Red pandas are so cute! This holiday was created by the Red Panda Network in 2010 to promote conservation efforts and the people who work every day for the sake of this adorable animal. 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel 

Target Audience: Red Panda lovers

September 19: National Meow Like a Pirate Day

Yes, this is a real holiday! This day is to celebrate the furry friends that joined pirates on the seas, and maybe to have a little fun with the idea of it all. 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel, home decor 

Target Audience: Cat and pirate lovers

September 20: National IT Professionals Day

Imagine not having someone to run to when your phone or computer suddenly breaks. That’s why we need to thank any IT professional on this holiday. They are technological wizards! 

Product Idea: Mugs

Target Audience: IT professionals and their families

September 20: National Pepperoni Pizza Day

How many people debate over toppings when ordering a pizza? This holiday is for pepperoni lovers, so make sure you get your favorite topping on this day. 

Product Idea: Dinnerware

Target Audience: Pepperoni pizza lovers

September 21: Miniature Golf Day

Mini-golf is a great activity for people of all ages. It’s golf but without all the strict rules and more colorful balls to use. This holiday is a great reason to go out with friends or family and golf to your heart’s content. 

Product Idea: Apparel 

Target Audience: Mini-golf enthusiasts

September 22: National Girls’ Night In Day

There’s nothing like spending time with your girlfriends. Use this holiday as an excuse to gather your girlfriends together and spend the night relaxing and having fun. 

Product Idea: Blankets, pillows, apparel

Target Audience: Women

September 22: National Singles Day

There are many similar holidays like this one, but this holiday focuses on all the good things that come with being single instead of needing a partner. 

Product Idea: Apparel, blankets, phone cases

Target Audience: Single people

September 23: Redhead Appreciation Day

Redheads have the rarest natural hair color and are few and far between. This holiday is for all those with red hair to stand proud of their hair. 

Product Idea: Wall art, apparel 

Target Audience: Redheads

September 23: Native American Day

This holiday honors Native American heritage and history. Native Americans have a long and tragic history and those that remain are doing everything they can to keep their culture alive. 

Product Idea: Tapestry, wall art, apparel, lawn signs

Target Audience: Native Americans

September 23: Celebrate Bisexuality Day

This holiday is part of Bisexual Awareness Week and wants to give people a reason to celebrate their sexuality. Many people in the LGBTQIA community face obstacles due to their sexuality. 

Product Idea: Jewelry, stickers, apparel 

Target Audience: Bisexuals

September 24: National Hunting and Fishing Day

Fishing and hunting are popular outdoor activities. Many people will take a whole weekend to do these activities with friends and family. 

Product Idea: Apparel 

Target Audience: Hunters and fishermen

September 24: International Lace Day

Lace is a difficult art form to learn, yet lace is one of the most popular materials to wear. This holiday honors those who have the ability to spin lace.

Product Idea: Wall art and apparel 

Target Audience: People who love lace

September 24: International Rabbit Day

Rabbits are so cute! They make great pets and are perfectly happy in the world. This holiday was founded by The Rabbit Charity in the U.K. in 1998 to promote adopting rabbits into safe and loving homes. 

Product Idea: Blankets

Target Audience: Rabbit parents

September 25: Rosh Hashanah

This holiday is the Jewish New Year, the name translates to “head of the year”. Rosh Hashanah is celebrated from the 25th through the 27th. 

Product Idea: Wall art 

Target Audience: People in the Jewish community

September 25: National Cooking Day

Cooking is necessary and a fun hobby. It’s time to break out your best cooking utensils on this holiday. Cooking is more fun with another person! 

Product Idea: Dinnerware and apparel  

Target Audience: People who love to cook

September 25: National Comic Book Day

Comic books went from a niche interest to being the star of the entertainment world. This holiday is to celebrate the history of this form of storytelling. 

Product Idea: Wall art and apparel 

Target Audience: Comic book lovers

September 27: World Tourism Day

Tourism is a great hobby and helps many places earn needed income. This holiday is made by the World Tourism Organization (WTO) to highlight how beneficial tourism can be. 

Product Idea: Travel tumblers, tote bags, accessory pouches 

Target Audience: Travelers

September 28: National Drink Beer Day

If you like beer, you’ll like this holiday. Not only is this day celebrating beer, but encourages people to try different kinds. 

Product Idea: Drinkware, apparel, wall art 

Target Audience: Beer lovers

September 29: National Coffee Day

Coffee lovers will love this holiday! The International Coffee Organization created this day to help struggling coffee farmers all around the world. 

Product Idea: Drinkware and wall art

Target Audience: Coffee lovers

September 30: International Podcast Day

Podcasting has taken off and now there’s a podcast for every subject you can think of! This holiday celebrates podcasts of all kinds, professional or otherwise.

Product Idea: Apparel 

Target Audience: Podcast lovers

September 30: International Translation Day

This holiday celebrates all the hard work translators do. Translators are part of every professional field and are the reason we can experience so many different cultures. 

Product Idea: Mugs 

Target Audience: Translators and their families/friends