Với GearLaunch, bạn sẽ không bao giờ bị mất phương hướng. Từ các công cụ hữu ích đến các tài nguyên chuyên sâu, sứ mệnh của chúng tôi là giúp bạn tìm đường đến thành công.

Multi-Channel Customer Service and GearLaunch

January 6, 2021

Great customer service is key to success for any business, but especially for e-commerce. With more ways to contact a company than ever before, customers expect to be able to reach out on multiple platforms. Up to 35% of customers say they’ll switch companies for a better customer service experience.

Why is Multi-Channel Customer Service Important?

Offering your customers a variety of platforms for contacting you means you’ll have to meet them where they are. Some of your customers will prefer email, while others may prefer a phone call. They expect quick, convenient support. Often, this is the difference between losing a customer or creating a brand customers will rave about. 

Here are a few other important customer service statistics to consider:

    • 42% of customers will spend more following a positive experience
    • 51% recommend a company they enjoyed doing business with to friends and family
    • 59% have a more favorable opinion of a business after a brand responds to a question or complaint on social media

Understanding the importance of good customer service is one thing and providing it is entirely different. One of the benefits GearLaunch sellers have is that they don’t have to worry about customer service. 

Zoomed in image of a woman using her smartphone and laptop at the same time

How We Offer Multi-Channel Customer Service

At GearLaunch, we understand how important good customer service is to your success. That’s why we offer multi-channel customer service for YOUR customers. We take the stress away about providing customer service by taking care of it for you. Here are some of the channels your customers will find our friendly customer support team. 

Email – Email is still one of the most popular ways in which customers reach out for help. In 2018, a Forrester report showed that 54% of people surveyed had used email in the last year for customer service. With GearLaunch, your customers can reach us at the support email for your store or at [email protected]

Social Messaging – Let’s face it, your customers are on social media and customers are becoming increasingly more likely to reach out for help on social media. We make sure your customer’s needs are met, and our amazing customer service team addresses comments and concerns daily. 

Phone – While as many as 59% of consumers would prefer alternative methods of contacting a business, there’s still a portion of customers that want to resolve issues over the phone. At GearLaunch, they can speak to one of our customer service staff at 855-999-7840.

What to Do if a Customer Reaches Out to You for Customer Support

Sometimes, a customer will reach out to your business first if they have questions or concerns about an order. Don’t worry, we can still help! You can redirect your customer to the support email or number shown on your GearLaunch powered website or forward your customer’s inquiry to us through the Seller Support team. 

If you have any questions regarding GearLaunch customer support, you can reach out to us at support @gearlaunch.com. Happy selling!