How do I add a discount or promotion code?

To add a promotion code, go to the Promotion tab, then click on the “Create Promotion” button on the top right of the screen.


Enter the name for the promotion code or you can generate a random name by clicking on the “Generate random code” button.


Next, choose what type of promotion you would like to use from the “Type” drop down list.

Then, enter the amount or percentage you’d like to discount from the price of the item on the “Amount” field and add the minimum amount on the “Minimum amount for promotion” field.

 Now, add a date on the “Expiration” field if you want your new code to expire after a certain date. Leave it blank if you don’t want the code to expire. Last, click on “Create promotion” to save. You’ll be redirected to the Promotions page where you’ll see your new promotion.