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Why Customers Should Shop Small

January 28, 2022

You as a GearLaunch seller have a special advantage over big companies. You are a small business, and shopping from small businesses has become more commonplace. Many people do this to support individual people, their communities, or because they don’t like how corporations run their business. Here are a few reasons people should shop small, share these with your customers to encourage more sales.

Why Support Small Businesses?

There are so many ways customers can help small businesses. Not only can people buy from them, but there are other ways to help that don’t cost any money. Customers truly make or break a small business, whether they know it or not.

Support Your Community/ Economy

While you are an online store, that doesn’t mean you aren’t part of a community. You still live somewhere right? You probably do business from home or in a separate space. You can still be considered part of that community. Just because you don’t have a physical store, doesn’t mean you don’t help your community. You may hire people within your area to help with designing or managing social media.

If you have a specific niche, you’re a part of that community too! Make sure to point out how you’ve dedicated your entire store to this niche versus a big company.

You Know Who You’re Buying From

This may be a little hard because you’re an online store, but shopping small allows people to know who they’re buying from.

Make sure to have a thorough “About Me” page that describes who you are, why you created your store, and any dreams you have for your store.

Caring About Customers

Small businesses care about customers a lot more than big corporations. Small businesses have more to lose when they lose a customer.

Highlight how good your customer service is and how customers have several different options to contact you.

How to Shop Small

There are many ways you can shop small that require little to no effort. Make sure to tell your customers about these ways to shop small.

Go on a Search Journey

When looking for a product, big companies are going to show up first. People should try going past well-known names and start looking at unfamiliar stores. Check out their social media and customers’ reviews to see if it’s a good store.

Ask for Recommendations

See if there are any small stores your loved ones would recommend. If you get a name, look it up and see if it sells anything that would interest you. If you want a wider range of options, ask for recommendations on social media.

How to Help Small Businesses

Promote Them on Social Media

It doesn’t cost you any money to promote small businesses on social media. Share some of their posts, especially if they’re having a sale. If you do buy from them, post about it and leave them a review.

Leave Reviews

We already mentioned it above, but giving reviews is a great way to help small businesses. Whether it’s on the store’s page or on social media, reviews help new customers know whether a store is worth buying from. Just by leaving a review, you can help a store gain new customers.

Recommend the Store

When talking to friends and family, make sure to recommend your favorite small businesses. Hearing recommendations from people they trust, people are more likely to give that store a try.

Sign Up for Emails

Signing up for emails will not only let a business know you’re interested in them but will also let you know when sales are happening.

Share These Facts with Your Customers

You can share these facts with your customers on social media or in email campaigns. If you have art skills, you can create special graphics for image-heavy social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

CTA Examples

Why You Should Shop Small!

Want to support your community, check out small businesses!

You can make or break a small business!